Some would have never believed that this guild would last this long,
but here.. we still are!
That deserves a special thanks to every single member of Dimensional. 
Your time, effort and company is much appreciated.

Happy Birthday Dimensional!
6 years have gone by fast..

Back to 2009
Ice Crown Citadel was the first instance we faced as a guild.

Progression back then on Lich King was certainly not easy and it took us time before we finally got that kill, but we managed to do it with perseverance and determination both in 10 man and 25 man heroic. 

Here is atleast the 10 man heroic video..
View for the nostalgia!

We are looking for more players to add to our core roster and join us in progression!
We are looking for one healer and DPS.


Dimensional is selling spots for Mannoroth and Archimonde heroic.

Contact Melodie in-game for more information or to reserve a spot. We go every Wednesday at 19:30 (server time).

In the near future
we will start selling Mythic spots,
sign up now!

about us

Dimensional is an international World of Warcraft guild located on Grim Batol. We focus on the PvE aspect of the game. 


How often do you raid?

We raid 4 nights a week, on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

What are your raid times?

We raid from 19:30 to 23:00 (server time). Invites start at 19:15 and raids may be extended to 23:30. 

Where can I apply?

You can visit our forum or you can send in your application using your own format to


Are you exited about Hellfire Citadel and motivated to raid? Are you a reliable raider with good performance and high attendance? Then we might be the guild for you! Check out the rest of the site and our forum and drop an application there or contact Melodie at Melodie#2561

We are looking for great players!
Recruitment is open for
all DPS classes! We are also looking for 1 more healer!

Contact information

You are welcome to contact any officer online for more information:
Melodie or Dinodount.

You can also add Melodie#2561 or send an e-mail to

Looking forward on hearing from you!

Guild history

Dimensional was formed in 2009 and we have succesfully raided 25 man heroic difficulty since the formation of the guild. With the raid structure changes in patch 6.0.2 we have continued our raiding adventures in mythic difficulty!